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Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies of energy solutions with conventional and non-conventional resources.

Prefeasibility and feasibility studies include the analysis from several perspectives, starting with the analysis of resource availability, either conventional or non-conventional; an environmental assessment that also covers licensing requirements, then moving on to a basic or detailed technical design analysis depending on the stage of the project, using proven models. Finally, the financial evaluation is performed using an in-house developed model that allows the simulation of several scenarios.

Financial Structuring

During the last 20 years USAENE has accompanied national and international private investors in the financial and technical structuring of more than 2500 MW of renewable energy projects and more than 3,000 MW in conventional energy projects. In addition, USAENE has structured more than 20 projects in non-interconnected areas using renewable energies that will provide access to electricity to more than 8000 users.

Due diligence

USAENE has developed comprehensive due diligence for more than 15 power generation projects totaling around 2,000 MW.

Asset valuation

USAENE carries out asset valuations in accordance with international procedures, working in close coordination with experts and analysts. We ensure continuous monitoring of economic and market conditions in order to determine the value of assets and relevant variables. These analyses provide an unbiased and reliable assessment of assets for proper decision making.
Among the specific analyses that USAENE performs in this field are:

  • Decommissioning cost assessment

The decommissioning of a generation plant can occur for various reasons, some examples are the end of the useful life of the plant, the closure of the generation business due to strategic or economic business decisions, or even environmental or judicial decisions that so decree.

For this purpose, USAENE is able to develop a methodology and determine the provisions for decommissioning costs of a generation plant, which correspond to the costs incurred by the company to dismantle, remove and/or rehabilitate the area where the unit or units of the plant currently operate.

  • Appraisals of generation assets

In the appraisals we determine the valuation and useful life for each of the components (assets or equipment) of a generation plant up to the taxonomy level required by the client, carrying out the inventory survey in accordance with international standards for the appraisal of assets.

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