Sustainable Energy in ZNI

Formulation, structuring and design of sustainable energy projects, based on the social and economic study of the localities belonging to the Non-Interconnected Zones of Colombia for the expansion of energy service coverage in different ZNI of Colombia.

Study region: Orinoco with a minimum of 1800 structured and designed solutions in at least 6 projects.

Phase I: field inspection visit, in which a diagnosis was made of the situation of the potential beneficiary users, the energy sources available in the locality and the possible energy solution alternatives for the communities, based on the environmental, socioeconomic and requirements characterization in each locality.

Phase II: structuring and design of 6 projects for the expansion of electric power service coverage, in accordance with the amount indicated for the Orinoco Region, with the specifications, guaranteed minimum technical characteristics, budgets, studies and technical details that will allow the materialization of each project for future implementation, with the project's sustainability scheme based on local productive processes.

As a result of this work, the following were identified:

  • 2016 individual solar PV solutions with a peak capacity of 0.74 kW peak each, for a total of 1491.84 kW peak, installed.
  • Four (4) centralized solar photovoltaic solutions with a total capacity of 184.26 kW peak.
  • In total, 2165 users benefited

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