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USAENE is aware of the current change in socio-environmental policies and regulations that the energy sector is undergoing. Understanding the new guidelines and preserving the environment have become key factors for a successful project. Environmentally conscious projects and their interaction with communities can be very profitable if proper studies are taken into account.

Environmental studies

One of USAENE's strengths is its experience in environmental studies for energy projects. These studies are always accompanied by their respective Management Plans in order to mitigate the impact on the environment and society.

USAENE accompanies projects in the identification and definition of technical and environmental alternatives, from the preparation of the environmental study to the accompaniment with the environmental authorities, in order to determine the most favorable alternative for the project, the environment and the communities. 

USAENE has experience in the preparation of Environmental Impact Studies for obtaining environmental licenses for projects in the electricity sector, applying the methodology for the preparation and presentation of environmental studies, the current regulations and the terms of reference according to the nature of the project. One of USAENE's strengths is our extensive experience in the development of environmental impact studies for energy projects. This goes hand in hand with the development of the respective plans to mitigate the impact of these on the environment and society. We have conducted more than 10 EIAs representing more than 4000 MW. 

This includes the structuring of the environmental management measures necessary in the execution of a project in order to prevent, mitigate, control, compensate and correct possible impacts.

We have experience in approaching ethnic communities for the development of prior consultation in the different stages of projects, works or activities, guaranteeing their participation in decision making and protecting their ethnic and cultural integrity. 

Environmental Compliance

We have a group of professionals qualified to evaluate the performance of projects, works or activities based on compliance with national and international regulatory standards.

We prepare environmental compliance reports for projects, works or activities that are subject to monitoring by the environmental authorities, in accordance with the applicable environmental regulations.

We are experienced in reviewing environmental, social and occupational health and safety performance in accordance with International Finance Corporation (IFC) performance standards, the Equator Principles and the World Bank's EHS Guidelines for projects seeking financing from international banks. 

We have a group of professionals qualified to evaluate the performance of projects, works or activities based on compliance with national and international regulatory standards.

Sustainable Development

At USAENE we have a team capable of identifying and quantifying the carbon footprint, in order to identify strategies for organizations to reduce GHG emissions -Greenhouse gases-.

We carry out the identification and quantification of the water footprint in the processes of an organization, performing a sustainability analysis that allows generating strategies for saving and efficient use of water resources.

Based on different international methodologies, we support organizations in the preparation of sustainability reports, taking into account their financial, environmental and social performance. Additionally, we support in the generation and review of sustainability indicators.

USAENE proposes programs to manage the risks derived from climate change in the face of future impacts that these may have on organizations; analyzing possible development paths, current policies and environmentally friendly developments.

We have a professional team specialized in environmental, social and regulatory issues, capable of providing training based on their knowledge, guaranteeing the quality and permeability of their knowledge to our clients.

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