Movilidad eléctrica

The growth of electric vehicles (EVs) in Colombia is creating an opportunity for forward-thinking utilities to leverage their size and scale and implement EV charging infrastructure to support load growth, expand customer share, and grow the EV market.

USAENE has experience in studies focused on the development of electric mobility, in order to provide government entities with a vision of the current state and future projections in different scenarios for the development of public policies to remove regulatory barriers or encourage the free market for the installation of charging infrastructure.

USAENE has experience in: 

Network capacity studies

USAENE develops studies that evaluate the impact of EV charging on the distribution network of a city or region, which is important for the development of expansion and investment plans by the different network operators in the country. 

Analysis of regulatory barriers

USAENE analyzes the current legislation on electric mobility, charging infrastructure development, network users, among other important issues, in order to highlight the necessary measures to promote the massification of EVs and to create synergy between the public and private sectors. 

Analysis for the development of recharge infrastructure

USAENE provides technical and policy expertise in the design and development of EV charging infrastructure. This includes analysis of the infrastructure required to enable charging services in cities, analysis of charging station equipment costs, and analysis of the strategies applied by countries that have made the most rapid progress in the deployment of public fast charging stations. 

Freight rate analysis

USAENE provides an analysis of the scenarios and business models that are being built worldwide with the entry of EVs to evaluate which policies could work or be adapted to work in Colombia.

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