Interventorías, Auditorías y Debidas Diligencias

Auditorías a ejecución de proyectos

USAENE is part of the group of auditors recognized by the National Operation Council. Among the services offered by the company are the audits of thermal, solar and wind power plant units of the National Interconnected System. As an auditor of the CNO USAENE is able to:

  • Audit the prices and quantities of fuels declared for the determination of the marginal scarcity price.
  • Verify parameter "Fuel supply and natural gas transportation".
  • Audit of all contracts and supply logistics documents submitted by generators with plants and/or thermal units with firm energy obligations.
  • Audits of the construction of new or special generation plants or units.
  • Audits for the performance of tests of Net Specific Thermal Consumption and Multiannual Average Effective Capacity of the thermal plants of the National Interconnected System.

The CAC included USAENE in accordance with Resolution CREG 207 of 2020, which defines the audit scheme for the reported information on fuel supply and transportation costs declared by generating agents, as well as the delegation to the Commercialization Advisory Committee -CAC- to form the list of expert auditors in the fuel markets and in the Colombian electricity market.

USAENE has specialized thermal plant design software that has been used in Colombia for more than 15 years: STEAM PRO® and GTPRO® and PEACE® cost analysis software from Thermoflow Inc., which allows quick sizing of the main parameters and characteristics of a thermal unit (efficiency, heat rate, consumption, etc.).

  • Parameters
  • IHF
  • S-curve
  • Marginal Scarcity Price
  • CSC and CTC
  • Net Effective Capacity and Heat Rate
  • Fuel and logistics contracts

Debida diligencia técnica, ambiental y financiera

USAENE has developed comprehensive due diligence for more than 15 power generation projects totaling around 2,000 MW.

Asset valuation

USAENE lleva a cabo valoración de activos de acuerdo con los procedimientos internacionales, trabajando en estrecha coordinación con los expertos y analistas. Nos aseguramos de forma continua del monitoreo de las condiciones económicas y de mercado con el fin de determinar el valor de los activos y las variables relevantes. Estos análisis proporcionan una evaluación imparcial y fiable de activos para la toma de decisiones adecuada.
Dentro de los análisis específicos que USAENE realiza en este campo están:

  • Decommissioning cost assessment

The decommissioning of a generation plant can occur for various reasons, some examples are the end of the useful life of the plant, the closure of the generation business due to strategic or economic business decisions, or even environmental or judicial decisions that so decree.

For this purpose, USAENE is able to develop a methodology and determine the provisions for decommissioning costs of a generation plant, which correspond to the costs incurred by the company to dismantle, remove and/or rehabilitate the area where the unit or units of the plant currently operate.

  • Appraisals of generation assets

In the appraisals we determine the valuation and useful life for each of the components (assets or equipment) of a generation plant up to the taxonomy level required by the client, carrying out the inventory survey in accordance with international standards for the appraisal of assets.

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