Energy efficiency

Analysis and appraisal

Analysis and evaluation of energy efficiency measures.

Auditorias energéticas


Measurement of potential energy savings from the implementation of energy efficiency measures and technological reconversion.

USAENE is the author of the first energy efficiency manual for industry in Colombia. He has conducted cogeneration studies in the tertiary and industrial sector. He has developed studies on ESCOS since its inception and in different programs in El Salvador, Peru and Colombia mainly.

Some of the projects he has worked on:

Determine regulatory, policy and technical guidelines on energy efficiency, in order to define a roadmap to establish mandatory energy efficiency goals and measures.

For this study:

Different sectors such as residential, commercial, industrial and transportation were analyzed from the perspective of the averages established in the PROURE.

After a public cost-benefit assessment of each of the possible measures to be implemented as mandatory, and after reviewing international experiences, a package of measures was determined that will allow Colombia to save around 2,655 GWh per year and 1,300,000 tons of CO2 avoided per year.

For the National Planning Department -DNP- worked on the technical, legal and financial structuring of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) to provide energy service to the country's base areas, which included the analysis and assessment of energy efficiency measures, as well as the design of hybrid solutions for the supply of its demand.

Similarly, we worked with FENOGE (Fondo de Energías No Convencionales y Gestión Eficiente de la Energía) in the design, feasibility and construction of solar solutions for educational entities located in the department of La Guajira, where energy efficiency measures were also proposed to be implemented.

On other occasions, it has carried out measurements of potential energy savings through the implementation of energy efficiency measures and technological reconversion. Among them, he supported the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota- Colombia in the identification of technical and financial impacts from the implementation of technological reconversion measures.

At the international level in energy efficiency, USAENE collaborated with the Ministry of Energy and Mines of El Salvador in determining the potential savings from the implementation of energy efficiency measures in public buildings and public lighting, and the design of a trust fund for the management of resources for the implementation of energy efficiency projects for the public sector.

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