Course # 1

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is essential to ensure a secure and sustainable energy supply. With this course, USAENE provides its students with basic elements to "plug in" to the new trends in the energy business.
You will learn about the economic, strategic and environmental motivations that drive private companies and governments to develop new projects, establish new regulations, remodel existing energy infrastructures and plan for the future in a smart way. In addition, you will learn about the strong impact of intelligent technologies such as "Smart Grids", "MicroGrids", "Prosumer", "Net-Zero" among others that are part of the trends in the sector and that directly impact competitiveness.

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Course #2

CO2 management

Everyone can contribute! 

More and more people, companies, institutions and governments are joining the cause of combating global warming and climate change, believing that CO2 is a major contributor to these phenomena and therefore CO2 emissions must be reduced as much as possible.

A course to learn about CO2 management and have a comprehensive view of this issue. We will have a better place to live. 

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