Power supply for electric car charging.

Electric Mobility

Establish recommendations on charging infrastructure for electric mobility in Colombia for the different segments (buses, motorcycles, cabs, brt, etc.).

The aim of this project was to:

  • Make charging infrastructure projections for different cities in the country according to the government's projections for electric vehicle (EV) growth to 2030.
  • Analyze the requirements for the deployment of electric gas stations on national roads.
  • Perform a cost analysis for the installation of a fast charging station (>50 kW).
  • Evaluate the recharging infrastructure deployment strategies of the fastest growing countries.
  • Analysis and recommendations for the adoption of a connector standard.

This study analyzed the three main cities in Colombia (Bogota, Medellin and Cali) to establish projections for charging infrastructure by 2030 in accordance with government projections for electric mobility.

In addition, it was determined that the distance between the electric stations can vary according to the road conditions, obtaining different scenarios presented below:

The different policies that encourage the development and deployment of recharging infrastructure in other countries were analyzed, summarized below:

 And finally, presenting recommendations for the standardization of a connector type for EV charging.

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