Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Technical, financial, legal, regulatory and environmental feasibility study, and the design, supply and installation of solar photovoltaic systems and public educational institutions in the department of La Guajira and training in FNCER and GEE.

The Non-Conventional Energy and Efficient Energy Management Fund (FENOGE), created through Law 1715 of 2014, in tune with the policy guidelines of the National Government has directed its efforts as a priority towards the department of La Guajira. 

Aiming to contribute effectively in improving the quality of life of the population, through the promotion of the use of FNCER and Efficient Energy Management (EEM). We developed a photovoltaic project in 10 IEP (public educational institution) in La Guajira, where the teaching staff and students are the main vehicle for promoting the culture of the use of clean technologies and efficiency in the use of energy resources.

With this project we are looking for:

  • Introduce FNCERs into the national energy matrix.
  • Taking a big step towards energy autonomy
  • Reduce billing amounts
  • Promote social awareness
  • And training in FNCER and GEE

What we did:

  • 50kWp installation at SSF, to transform 10 IEP sites
  • The IEPs were selected through the application of technical, social and financial criteria; these results were used to select the institutions to which the greatest economic and social benefits could be provided.

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